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The time of UX

Masao Hirano

01 Lecture records
 The world Deep learning changes
Yutaka Matsuo
14 Lecture records
 When the future is boring, make with yourself.

Takumi Fujii

35 Articles
 Fading Boundaries of Industries and Business Model Innovation : Theoretical Background of Business Models Caused by Industry4.0 and IoT
Yasuharu Tanzawa
60   Refereed article 
 Elucidation of "Technology S-curves" by Analyses of Technological Diversity using Patent Information
Masumi Kubo, Toshiro Kita

83 Practical science square, Interview
 Compatibility of an entertainment and science
91 Practical science square
 Quantitative analysis about a formation factor of competitive power

Osamu Niikawa

105 Activity scene of BMA
 Business Model Association annual meeting 2017
Haruko Nishida
112   Activity scene of BMA  
 New Evening Session: The innovation forefront of cerebral science and a genom
ES Team of BMA

113    Introduce a book
 Healthcare Disrupted
Data base on a book
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 Cooking of overlooking
Kazufumi Matsushima

Editorial note
Ki Choh
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